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On this page, we will highlight and review gadgets and items that make our life easier(or harder)  Please check back often as we will be under a constant state of review.  In addition, please help support our cause, if you shop on Amazon, please use of the links on our pages that direct you to Amazon.  We get a "commission" on your purchases. 
RV Gear
Video Gear
If you are reading this, you have found one or some of our videos maybe.  My disclaimer is we are very amateur at video shooting, editing and producing.  My hope would be that we improve as our journey moves forward.  I have had the Gopro for quite some time now, and really just getting to use it.  It’s definitely a powerful tool for what we are trying to do.  As we are playing around with shooting video, there also comes the chore of editing said video.  I played around with the Free Gopro studio software, and although it works well, it’s very basic.  In addition to that, I was using Powerdirector 7 or 8 that was already on my computer as free versions.  That had a lot more options, but to get more features, I had to subscribe.  So I took the plunge and found a good deal on PowerDirector 14.  It’s filled with features, and wasn't very hard on the pocketbook.  By no means am I an expert, or good yet, but every time I use it, I learn something new.  Check it out, and let me know what you think.