Unidilla, GA

Well, our first stop in Georgia wasn't a destination by far, it was more a stop along the way.  we were headed toward the north eastern corner of the state, but from where we were in Florida, it was a 500 mile trip.  So we wanted to break it up into a couple driving days.  We chose to stop in Unidilla.  That made the first driving day just over 300 miles.  We chose the campground because its a campground that Harmony's dad owns an annual membership, and hes been try to give it to us for a while now.  We really didn't have any intentions of taking it over, but we thought we would stop and check it out.

Hartwell, GA

Our next stop in Georgia was on a dair farm near Hartwell.  We stayed one the property owned by some friends of ours' parents.  It was awesome.  There were cows, chickens, pigs and tons of animals.  We hung out, the kids played with their friend, we enjoyed some amazing southern hospitality.   We ventured out and watched cows getting milked, and some other fun things.

Helen, GA

We had technically left the state, and moved over into North Western South Carolina, but there was a break in the storms, so we ventured over to Georgia and explored some places recommended by one of Doug's prior co-workers.  The area around Helen Georgia was absolutely beatiful.  We did a couple different hikes, had a picnic in an awesome state park and did a bit of paddle boarding.   The town of Helen Bavarian, so it had a German Alps feel, and was definitely a tourist trap.  We didn't stop, as it seemed most of the town was closed as it is out of season, and there was a lot of constructions going on.  We drove up to Anna Ruby Falls, a hike on forrest service land.  Then we had lunch at Unicoi State park, and put the paddle boards in not far from our lunch spot.  After that we drove south to Cleveland GA, home of Babyland General Hospital.  That is the home of Cabbage Patch Dolls.  Harmony was super excited about that.  After touring the General hospital, we drove a few miles to Dukes Creek Falls Hike.  Another Forest Service hike and set of spectacular falls.  I am sad to say that we did not devote enough time to Georgia, and we will definitely have to come back sometime in the future to explore more.  Check out the videos to the left from our time in Georgia.