Gear for Vlogging!

In order to capture our journey, we need certain tools.  These aren't traditional tools like hammers and saws, instead they are sophisticated instruments for capturing moments in time, or recording a period of time.  Although we carry smart phones, capable of doing this (and they get used a lot as well)  we use Cameras and accessories that help us.  FYI, we didn't buy all of these items from Amazon, but most everything we bought is also available there.

Cannon Rebel T5i DSLR

We bought this originally to take still shots.  I am very new to photography, so started with this entry level DSLR.  It is packed with features, and utilizes replacable lenses.  I bought a starter kit from Best Buy and have added a few things that make it more versitile.   We added things like a tripod, shotgun Mic, wide angle lense, hood, L Bracket and extra batteries.  We also got a backpack to hold everything.

GoPro Hero 3+ Black

So unless you have been under a rock for the past several years, you have heard of the GoPro action camera.  They are great little cameras, and we use it as often as we can.  They shoot great high quality video, and are very small, and came with an array of accessories to use.  Just like with the DSLR, we added several things to take full advantage of it.  The Gimbal keeps it steady, and the wifi remote is great to be see the shot, and start it remotely.  It also fits nicely on the drone for those ariel shots.

ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 15-Inch Laptop

Once you get all the great shots, you need to be able to edit and process the photographs and video.  The laptop I had, didn't do very well with video, so I looked, and found the best bang for the buck as far as media laptops.  It was last years model, last year, but packs a punch.  It's got a lot of memory, and stand alone video processor.  Its been great for editing.  It is not the best machine out there by far, but it does what I need it to with ease.

3DR Solo Drone

In an effort to get some cool arial shots, we tried a cheap generic drone, and had problems flying it.  Then at the FTF Rally, a couple guys had these 3DR Solo Drones.  I was hooked.  Best Buy was clearancing them out as they are discontinued, so I snatched one up, and loaded up on extra batteries and propellers.  I flys great, and has an onboard gimbal to use the GoPro that I already have.

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